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Latest News - Grammarly announces investment in Docugami

Transform your agreements.

Every dollar in and out of an organization is controlled by a business agreement of some kind. We apply breakthrough Artificial Intelligence to these commercial agreements to enable greater productivity, compliance, and insight.

To transform your business.

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“Any organization with business processes that include complex, long-form documents should consider Docugami on its shortlist of vendors to evaluate.”


Adapt to the ‘New Next.'

The pandemic has created a cascade of business challenges and changes. As your organization emerges, stage by stage, Docugami can identify key issues and assist with agreement discovery, revisions, re-negotiations, regulations, and renewals so you can more easily adapt to your unique new realities and opportunities.

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Today, Commercial Agreements of all kinds are still 'manually operated' and disconnected from business systems. Unfortunately, as we explain in our Open Letter, documents remain stuck in the digital dark ages.

ai document analytics

Automated analytics for your business agreements.

Always know what’s in your agreements. Glean insights and take action on due dates, notifications, milestones, obligations, expirations and payments with Docugami’s automated reports.

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document authoring home

AI-powered authoring assistance.

Easily create and edit new agreements. Docugami learns from your organization’s own business agreements and makes recommendations to save time and reduce errors.

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Work less. Think more.


Front-line business users can create documents in a fraction of the normal time, improving capacity and throughput.


Attorneys and contract managers can find and address your company’s unique risk areas, as they evolve.


Managers can take action on the most important information through custom automated abstracts and reports.


Connect to familiar tools for workflow, business processes, robotic process automation and analytics.

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