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We share our superpowers

By connecting the information inside documents to familiar, powerful tools.

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Discover how you can use all the information in your documents

A digital transformation journey often calls for companies to connect various technologies to create an end-to-end solution. Docugami is designed to work with an array of the industry's best solutions, bringing exciting new capabilities to familiar tools.

Robotic Process Automation

Auto-magically reach into documents to share obligations, terms and conditions, and data with other systems in the right way at the right time. Create automated business processes originating from the text in complex agreements.

Smart Workspaces & Authoring

Apply AI assistance to create business agreements. Then use Docugami with smart digital surfaces, to present document information as a live feed to your pages.

The limit is your imagination.


Contract Management Solutions

Documents do not need to be handled as 'black boxes' with limited metadata as descriptions. Docugami reveals document contents, to improve how contract information can be both authored, discovered, and executed.

No-Code Workflow

Assign business process workflows to clauses and data from business agreements. Route a key provision to Legal for review? Send new contractual expenses for approval to the COO? At the same time, from the same document? No problem.

Analytics and BI Platforms

Whether the business goal is to review status, adapt to new regulations, understand risk factors, or stay compliant with obligations, Docugami makes this business-critical information available via your favorite dashboard tools.

Content Services Platforms

With trillions of documents stored away, familiar hosting services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Google Drive, and others could make your business agreements a click away from being fully AI-enabled.

Docugami partnerships