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About Us

About Us

Docugami is a Seattle-area document engineering company that transforms how businesses create and execute critical business documents. Applying breakthrough artificial intelligence to unstructured and semi-structured information, Docugami enables organizations to radically improve productivity, compliance and insight. In February 2020 Docugami secured a $10 million seed funding round led by Silicon Valley venture fund SignalFire, with participation by NextWorld Capital, Grammarly and others.

Docugami CEO Jean Paoli, a pioneer in the field of document engineering, is one of the inventors of XML and during his time at Microsoft started several billion-dollar businesses for the company.

Founded in March 2018 by Paoli and four other senior engineering leaders from Microsoft, Docugami has created a SaaS solution that harnesses a wide range of artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing, image recognition, declarative markup, and other approaches. The technology enables businesses of all sizes to create documents with greater precision and efficiency and to derive greater productivity, compliance, and insight from document information. Learn more at our Open Letter.

In February 2020, Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake and former head of both Microsoft’s Office and Azure businesses joined the company as a major investor and board member. Ilya Kirnos, CTO and co-founder of SignalFire is also a member of Docugami’s board.

Our Values

Docugami was founded on seven core values, all of which are anchored around Transparency:

  1. Customer Oriented & Vision Guided – Our long-term vision guides us, but our customers help us prioritize and validate our short-term progress.

  2. Do Good & Make a Buck or Two – We are a for-profit business, but this is compatible with doing good for the community, the industry, customers and partners.

  3. No Aristocracy & Make Decisions – Evaluate ideas independently from their originator, but once a decision is taken, agree or disagree and commit.

  4. Experiment & Be Guided – Stay curious and free to experiment, but have a bias for action, guided by our vision and customers.

  5. Be Respectful & Honest – Assume best intentions and respect each other’s ideas, but have the ability to have difficult discussions.

  6. Diverse & Inclusive – Respect diversity in all its forms all the time, be inclusive and create one team.

  7. Have Fun & Carry Your Load – Work on things you enjoy and take your vacations, but deliver results.

These values foster an atmosphere of respect and trust between each other, our clients, and the industry.