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Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) uses artificial intelligence to extract information from documents and other content, process that information, and make it available for use within the organization or by automated business processes.

Some IDP tools also provide automatic or manual document classification, and mechanisms for evaluating and validating extracted data.

IDP requires extensive IT setup and
can’t handle long-form unstructured data

Unfortunately, many IDP offerings require expensive IT setup and training, and perform poorly with unstructured information such as long-form business documents.

Docugami’s Document Engineering provides a completely different approach.

Docugami delivers immediate value for frontline staff,
and can handle any kind of documents

Unlike typical Intelligent Document Processing, Docugami’s sophisticated AI is specifically designed for unstructured long-form business documents, and provides immediate value for frontline workers and managers – no massive investment in IT development or training needed.


Understand the difference between IDP and document engineering with our comparison guide


Document Engineering Is Far More Than Just 'Intelligent Processing'

People use creative styles to communicate. Even in contracts and other business documents, people present information in myriad different ways, using different structure, formats, and terminology. While this fosters greater creativity and communication between individuals, it means that traditional approaches to “Intelligent Document Processing” often struggle to identify and extract vital information from unstructured or semi-structured documents.

Document engineering finds the patterns in the narratives, how concepts are built and are interdependent, decoding the information, for BOTH people and computers.

Understands Your "Small Data"

The majority of any organization’s critical information is contained in contracts, proposals, scopes of work, product descriptions, and myriad other long-form documents. Every organization has their own unique approach to how they write contracts and record information. Rather than assume a one-size-fits-all approach, Docugami’s sophisticated AI figures out the structure in your unique documents.

Long Form Narrative Text

Docugami specializes in the hard stuff. Not just highly structured documents and templates, but complex unstructured long-form documents. For example, if you have contracts from many different customers and partners (3rd party paper), we make it easy to identify all of the key information across all those documents, integrate it with other information in your systems, and use it to drive business processes.

Easy Setup and Immediate Value

No need for all the time, expense, and training of a complex software project to get started. Just upload your documents. Docugami processes them and you are ready to see the analytic results you choose at any moment, for your business purposes.

Designed for Non-Technical Users

No need for data specialists or programmers. Business users can scan results to validate, customize, and optimize the underlying AI model themselves. With Docugami, the AI supports and assists the business decisionmaker. Business users' decisions, preferences, and insights take precedence over the AI results, and the AI learns from the fine-tuning that users provide via our simple and intuitive user interface.

No Pre-defined Constraints

Most systems are based on pre-defined industry models, fields, and concepts. Docugami creates a data representation of all the information in the entire document for every document. And Docugami allows you to easily update the system, knowing that your business needs and terminology are unique and evolving over time.

Helps With Authoring Too!

All of the data and terms from your previous agreements in a document set are at your disposal to re-use, for consistency, efficiency, and best practices. Also, variables that always change are highlighted, turning previous documents automatically into templates tailored to your business, with critical clauses highlighted for your review, making it simple to generate new documents with confidence.