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AI for Life Sciences

Unleash the power of Document Engineering for Life Sciences, where documentation is everywhere, and understanding the data is essential. Your documents are transformed into Knowledge Graphs for your work.

Extract, Structure and Connect: Take control of critical information from research documents, clinical trial protocol documents, patient consent forms, and other required reporting.

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Uses of Document AI in Life Sciences 

From drug development and clinical trials to healthcare settings to medical supply chains, documents and the data they contain play a central role in the life sciences industries. Historically, accessing and using this data has been a tedious, manual process. The ability to analyze complex documentation with greater efficiency is increasingly vital and can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Docugami's AI-driven approach skillfully navigates the complexity of document processing across various niches within the life sciences sector.

From facilitating faster access to vital data in study participant documents for groundbreaking research, expediting the development of drugs and vaccines through swift clinical trial report analysis, converting legacy documents into easily accessible reporting of results, to streamlining life sciences supply chains, and more, Docugami can solve some of the most difficult problems and set you up for greater success. 

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Reduce the time from lab to market by automatically sifting through clinical trial reports and extracting the critical data.


Why waste time reading pdf documents to manually extract and summarize or export important information into another system? Let Docugami automatically extract these details for you.


Structure information from large volumes of historical documents, creating a dynamic, easily accessible database that eliminates the need for manual search and analysis. 


The ability to process thousands of documents through our technology paves the way for insight in healthcare without the documentation tedium.

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