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Breakthrough artificial intelligence applied to your documents.

  • We have developed a multi-faceted AI solution that combines innovative Deep Learning, NLP, Bayesian, Evolutionary, and other AI techniques.
  • Starting with your documents in any file format, Docugami reveals the inherent patterns, terminology, and relationships of unstructured information.
  • Integrates seamlessly with familiar tools, so you can start working immediately. No IT or developers required.

For productivity, compliance and insight.

document artificial intelligence

Discover the power of 'Small Data' - YOUR data.

To learn more about our vision and principles, you can read our Open Letter.

Outside 'Big Data' does not control your business

We learn from public 'big data' sets, but don't impose irrelevant external provisions on your company. We focus on YOUR 'small data' - your documents.

Your document information remains confidential

Contracts, agreements, and company information are unique and confidential to each individual organization. We keep it that way.

What the AI learns is NOT shared with others

We don't apply AI learning from your documents anywhere else. What happens in your business, stays in your business.

Two sides to every agreement: 1) For people,  2) For computers

We improve efficiency and precision for the people creating agreements, while building a mirror version of your documents that software can access and understand.

High accuracy equivalent to 'Big Data' models

You get high accuracy results equivalent to 'big data' models, at a fraction of the time and cost, with no need for laborious labeling.

YOU manage your business from your contract info

We help YOU author with precision and speed. We help YOU find and use the most important information. We connect YOUR contracts to YOUR business systems.

doc sets ai

Upload and Organize.

Upload your documents and Docugami sorts them automatically by understanding their similar patterns: NDAs, Leases, Loans, Partner Agreements, Sales Contracts, Service Agreements, RFPs, Proposals, SOW's, etc.

Start the Machine.

document training

You and your team are in control.

Your users can train the AI to understand the fine-grained details of your business. With only 30 minutes of training per set of similar documents, your users can set things up and improve the accuracy of the AI to the nuances of your business agreements. The AI simply makes recommendations, to ease your decisions.

The AI doesn't decide for you.


Always know what is in your agreements.

More than data-mining, we look through your documents in multiple dimensions and structure the information. You decide what is important and our software will prepare a Summary, an Abstract or a detailed Report, 'auto-magically.' No more tedious, manual data searching and re-typing.

No more 'dark data.'

document authoring

New agreement, no problem!

Docugami's Assisted Authoring recommends edits to agreements based on your organization's best practices from previous versions. Just hover and click to add, change, delete, complete. Our AI goes beyond Document Automation or Document Assembly solutions to not just automate, but also humanize the results.

Work less. Think more.

integration network

What are your favorite tools?

We will be integrating Docugami with an array of familiar tools. From robotic process automation and contract lifecycle management to content services platforms, CRM systems, document workflow and analytics, dashboards or smart workspaces. Use your favorite platforms to edit, report, send, store, sign or otherwise manage, while using Docugami to do our magic: Assisted Authoring and Automated Reporting.

Please let us know what priorities you have for integration.

We share our superpowers.

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