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AI for Supply Chain Contracts

28% of supply chain managers quit their jobs last year - largely due to burnout and stress. If your organization is also feeling the pressure, we have a solution that can accomplish 100% of the contract workload, with 10% of the effort:

AI-Assisted Document Engineering.


AI-based Contract Management For Supply Chain and Logistics

What if your organization could cut 90% of the effort and get better, faster results?

Expose logistics deadlines, notifications, anomalies, and risky contract terms and liabilities automatically?

Keep up-to-speed on supply chain contract commitments?

When you improve how customer fulfillment service contracts and supplier agreements are managed, on an ongoing basis, you become the hero of your organization.
With a little help from Docugami, your work can transform your customer relationships and your supplier changes, simply by being one step ahead of the fine print.

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Get an in-depth look at how Document Engineering is transforming supply chain management. 


Why waste time by reading and re-reading pdf documents to manually extract and export important information from your contracts into another system? Automatically extract information without the need for a complex software project?


Introduce standard language into your agreements to uncover divergence between different contract terms and streamline your approval process.


Reveal patterns and relationships between business agreements to build an actionable narrative out of hidden data.


Less time with document tedium means more time with customers, more ‘think’ time, and positive employee morale - a great return for your most important investment, your people.

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