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Accelerating Life Sciences with AI

Learn how Docugami helps biotech, pharma and healthcare services organizations to unlock the information in volumes of documents for analysis and re-use. 


Unleash the Power of Document Engineering in Life Sciences 

From drug development and clinical trials to healthcare delivery and medical supply chains, documents play a vital role, but have always been a burden to read and analyze. Today, the critical information in life sciences documents can be automatically unlocked, structured, and connected, to streamline the path to insight and efficiency. 


What Can You Do with Docugami?

Accelerate Data Icon

Accelerate drug and vaccine development timelines.

Reduce the time from lab to market by automatically sifting through clinical trial reports and extracting the critical data.

Unlock Data Icon

Unlock critical insights from extensive research documents.

Rapidly transform vast documents into datasets for easily accessible insights.

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Transform historical documentation into a goldmine of actionable data.

Process large volumes of legacy documents, creating dynamic, databases for evaluation.

Supply Chain Streamline Icon-1

Streamline life sciences supply chains

Automatically extract key information from contracts, invoices, and other supply chain documentation. Export document data into line-of-business systems.


Real-World Applications of AI Document Engineering in Life Sciences


Streamlining Medication and Vaccine Development

When a life sciences research firm needed access to crucial information buried within vast numbers of study participant documents, Docugami delivered. Our solution offers unmatched speed and accuracy, coupled with the ability to scale effortlessly as the project expands, ensuring that no detail is missed and every insight is within reach.


Enhancing Research with Precision and Scale

For a pharmaceutical company focused on drug and vaccine development, sifting through thousands of clinical trial reports was a slow and expensive process. Enter Docugami. With Docugami’s help, the company was able to identify, extract, and analyze complex information with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The outcome? - A dramatic reduction in the time and expense associated with analyzing the complex clinical trial results.


Transforming Healthcare Documentation

A healthcare facility faced the monumental task of converting numerous legacy patient documents into accessible data. Flexibility was paramount – the ability to extract new data points without revisiting each document was essential. Docugami’s unique capability to create a comprehensive XML Knowledge Graph for each document enables effortless accommodation of new data requests, setting a new standard in document management and data accessibility.

Take the Next Step

Ready to redefine what’s possible in life sciences with Docugami? Our team is eager to show you how our Document Engineering software can be tailored to your unique challenges and goals.