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Case Study: AI in Marketing

Taming the Business Side of a Marketing Agency with AI

Marketing proposal generation

A national marketing company was looking for a technology solution to streamline its operations, improve the efficiency of its business processes, reduce the operational burden on senior leadership and managers, and simplify their proposals for new business. 

The Challenge

Like many marketing firms, the company was confident in their creative and technical capabilities but they struggled with their business operations. Operations often took a back seat to the creative work, and chewed up too much time and mental energy, particularly for senior leaders. Identifying project milestones and tracking progress across multiple campaigns was cumbersome and time-consuming. Manual contract management processes were prone to errors and delays, leading to missed deadlines and contractual obligations. Responding to RFPs for new business always felt like more of a lift than it needed to be. Anticipating account renewal deadlines was hit-and-miss, often resulting in last-minute heroics or missed opportunities.

The Quest for a Comprehensive Solution

Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches, the marketing company set out to find a comprehensive solution that could help address its diverse operational needs, bringing document information to everything from project tracking to contract management to RFP responses. The ideal solution needed to be intuitive to every employee, not require any significant changes to existing tools and business operations, and be capable of adapting to the dynamic nature of marketing operations.

Discovering Docugami

Docugami's AI-powered Document Engineering capabilities helped transform the company’s business operations. By intelligently analyzing and interpreting documents, Docugami could automate contract management processes, identify project milestones, and anticipate account renewal deadlines. with unparalleled accuracy. And Docugami helped generate tailored responses to RFPs, enabling the company to respond more quickly and effectively to new business opportunities.

Implementation and Results

Docugami integrated seamlessly with existing tools, workflows, and business systems. Leveraging Docugami's intuitive interface, the company quickly was able to benefit from data and information previously inaccessible in documents. Project management and responding to RFPs became easier and more efficient. Employees noticed increased productivity, less busy work, fewer errors and manual processes, and improved client satisfaction. Senior leaders can spend less time managing business operations and more time serving clients and pitching new business. 

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