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AI for Clinical Trial Intelligence

Clinical trial data must be thoroughly described in source documents for stakeholders.
The problem is, stakeholders often manually extract and transport data from trial protocols to other electronic systems, significantly slowing down the time to market for new drugs, medical devices, and therapies.

The solution? AI-powered automation for clinical trial intelligence and data extraction.


Automation in Clinical Trials

Docugami automatically identifies key information in clinical trial protocol documents, such as objectives, endpoints, scheduled events, and more, and makes them available for e-clinical systems including EDC (Electronic Data Capture), eCRF (electronic case report form), and RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management).

AI-powered automation saves time on manual data extraction during clinical studies. It also creates systems of record with data consistency, dramatically reducing the time it takes to bring new drugs and medical devices to market.


Why waste researchers’ and stakeholders’ time manually extracting data from source documents, after they create them?

Have Docugami automatically highlight the important data for you.


Clinical trials have many associated regulatory and process requirements, but no prescriptive format. Docugami finds the data, even when there are variations in context and format.


Data is meaningless to observe health effects without knowing the context. Docugami can help you identify the what, when, why, how, and who.


Clinical trials are all about the Return on Information AND Investment - the ROI & I. Use Docugami to automatically unlock data from your extensive documentation to get a full return on investment.

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