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Document Engineering

Advanced Demo – Chat and Interact with your own Business Documents

Over the past few months, there has been a consistent question from business users – "when can I get Generative AI that is focused on my business, my documents, my content?" Docugami is already in the market and here's a Generative AI demo of our advanced thinking at Docugami on how to work with your own business documents. You can chat and interact with a forest of XML semantic trees representing your unique documents in their entirety. Our shorthand: Chat, Interact with Forests.

As a reminder, Docugami is a proprietary business document foundation model. Our families of LLMs are trained on millions of Business Documents, ranging from 2.7B parameter to 20B parameter models, with multi-modal inputs in the vision and text domains.

Over the last four years, the team at Docugami has focused on realizing the future of documents. A future that enables frontline business users to surface and repurpose all the high value data inside their own unique documents with minimal effort. Imagine being able to generate highly relevant business reports, abstracts, data feeds and new documents with a single click – using your business documents and representing your norms and nuances. 

Docugami is in the market today with paying customers in a variety of industry segments, including Commercial InsuranceCommercial Real EstateTechnology, a wide range of Professional Services, and more.  

Unlike other Generative AI in the headlines, Docugami does not suffer AI hallucination in our output, and we support long form documents of hundreds of pages without being limited by an 8K or 32K context window limit.

We achieve these results and avoid these problems by taking a different approach to what we see otherwise in the market.

Docugami is both a Foundation Model and an Application for Business Users in the market today, and our API is currently available on the Docugami Playground

 When you upload your scanned PDFs, digital PDFs, or .docx and .doc business documents, Docugami generates in zero shot a document knowledge graph representation, using the XML Semantic model for every document you uploaded. We automatically create an XML tree representation of each document in its entirety. A forest of individual trees, representing all the information in your own unique documents.

Your forest is then used, via Generative AI techniques, to generate abstracts, spreadsheets, or data feeds that can power sophisticated workflows or be sent to enterprise storage to start creating a single system of records.

Please enjoy the Generative AI demos of our advanced thinking at Docugami about how to work with your own business documents. These demos show how you can "Chat and Interact with Forests."

  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 1– The Docugami Foundation Model
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 2 – Docugami’s Different Approach
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 3 – Generate Docsets & Forests
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 4 – Generate Abstracts
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 5 – Generate Spreadsheets
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 6 – Chat with Docsets
  • Chat and Interact with Forests, Episode 7 – Overall Demo

You can also find them on the Docugami YouTube channel.

We will be communicating more broadly in the coming weeks on new ways of measuring the capabilities and accuracy of Foundations Models in generating knowledge graph representations of documents using the XML Semantic model. This new approach is essential for realizing the potential of Generative AI for business documents in the enterprise.

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