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Announcing the Docugami Generative AI Playground & API

Over the last four years, the team at Docugami has focused on realizing the future of documents. A future that enables frontline business users to surface and repurpose high value data inside their own unique documents with minimal effort. Imagine being able to generate highly relevant business reports, abstracts, data feeds and new documents with a single click – using your business documents and representing your norms and nuances. 

You don’t need to imagine, because Docugami is in the market today in a variety of industry segments, including Commercial Insurance, Commercial Real Estate, Technology, a wide range of Professional Services, and more.  

Two fundamental innovations help realize this vision at Docugami. First, our singular ability to generate a Document XML Knowledge Graph, a semantically rich hierarchical XML tree representing the entire document and relating it to every other document of a kind. Second, our proprietary Business Document Foundation Model, a family of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Vision Models trained on millions of Business Documents, ranging from 2.7B parameters to 20B parameters, with multimodal inputs in the vision and text domains. 

We’ve refined our models and techniques over the years to deliver high quality results on the majority of business documents in existence today. Until today, we exposed these powers solely through the Docugami Software-as-a-Service user interface. But we knew that our customers, partners and trial users also want to programmatically interact with Docugami’s Generative AI.  

We are excited to announce that the Docugami Generative AI Playground is available in preview to all customers, partners and trial users. Subscribers can acquire a secure access token via our Developer Playground and interact with the power of our Generative AI APIs. You can programmatically upload documents, manage auto-generated document sets, and interact with our whole Document XML Knowledge Graph, as well as with the Spreadsheets, Business Reports, Abstracts and other Artifacts generated by our Foundation Model.  

“Our Generative AI Playground preview gives customers, partners, and trial users the opportunity to explore and leverage Docugami’s unique capabilities in a matter of minutes,” said Jean Paoli, co-founder & CEO of Docugami.   

“Unlike other Generative AI, Docugami generates results derived exclusively from your Business Documents – your unique ‘Small Data’ – not some random content scraped from the Internet, thus avoiding AI hallucinations or inappropriate results,” Paoli said. “The business user is the human-in-the-loop, and provides very minimal feedback (“few shot”) to the Docugami Foundation Model, creating a new fine-tuned Foundation Model based on the user’s unique Small Data. Each customer’s data and output are completely separate and secure.” 

This is just the first step of many. Future releases of our Generative AI Playground will feature even more powerful Business Document Foundation Models, and novel ways to programmatically interact with your document sets. We cannot wait to see what you will build with Docugami’s Generative AI Playground!  

Click here to access the Docugami Playground. 

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