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Document Engineering

Unlock The Critical Source Of Unstructured Information For Your Business - Your Documents.

Written business documents tend to be unstructured, in wildly varying forms. An important document type may look like a brochure, a legal brief, or a research report, yet exist for the same purpose and hold similar content. Think of the various RFP’s you’ve seen, supplier agreements, customer agreements, licenses, service agreements, statements of work, leases, employment agreements. Each document within any single document type may have different styles and structures, but they likely have creative patterns for the information, organized uniquely by the author. Document engineering, through the latest artificial intelligence techniques detects these patterns.

Every industry relies on multiple types of documents. The data inside them can be highly sensitive, confidential, and very important to the parties involved. Going through any of these document sets in depth can involve hiring temporary workers, devoting skilled staff, or outsourcing to legal firms.

Document Management (organizing these documents), or doing ‘Contract Lifecycle Management’ (workflow) is not enough. It is the information INSIDE documents that has all the value. Document engineering via artificial intelligence does the hard work for you. It recognizes how people have structured the information and prepares it for BOTH people and computers to use in powerful ways.

Unlocking the information in documents today can be painful.

All our customers confirm that working with their myriad business agreements can be painstaking, detailed work, TIME-CONSUMING, laborious, and therefore, expensive. Often digital documents are ‘black boxes’ of pdf or scanned files that require a human being to view and read every line to decode the information. But these painful agreements are central to business relationships and communications.

As a Wired Magazine article reports, “Despite our best efforts to corral the unstructured beast, this kind of data continues to grow larger and presents a real problem for organizations that want to automate and improve their ability to understand their business, anticipate what’s coming and act quickly on risk and opportunity.”

What if you could save 80-90% of the work?

Re-engineering how people think, communicate, or agree is NOT a very good option: i.e. universal standards for every single business document. People don’t work like that, at least for very long. In real life, we must deal with the wild, wonderful variations of human communication. 

That’s where ‘document engineering’ via new artificial intelligence techniques can help. By deconstructing documents into their complex content elements, and representing that information in a structured way, while maintaining the relationships between words, phrases, clauses, and sections, computers can help us with our unstructured data.  In fact, our customers are showing us that you CAN save 80-90% of the work, or even more, to have all that data discovered, structured and presented to you in visual form.


What if you could get started on your own? Today! 

Sophisticated artificial intelligence usually requires weeks and months of effort in setup or model-building time from your data specialist / IT / Developer friends. As a result, AI can be intimidating. It can be feared, misunderstood, and both underutilized and overhyped. Any simple internet search regarding AI projects will show plenty of consultants offering to help, and massive project plan advice about how to plan and implement complex and expensive data science to get benefits from AI. 

We have nothing against this, other than that it is NOT NECESSARY for companies to be able to benefit from Docugami. Our technology is ready for business users to easily be productive on Day ONE. We have done the breakthrough work for you, over years of R&D, with the goal of making it simple and powerful for frontline business users to benefit immediately.

We have a meter built into the product so that you can see in real-time how much of the workload you have done and how much Docugami has done for you. Saving 80-90% of the work is routine! Docugami becomes a ‘force multiplier’ for your efforts and insights. What could you do with 90% of your time back?

What Insights Are You Looking For?

You might apply the time saved to acting on the insights you could gain. Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester wrote, “Heroic efforts – such as content fracking – are needed to get usable data out of documents.”

Every business, every day, every moment, there is a need for different information, often by different people. So it would be silly for Docugami to try to specify what we think your organization may need, beforehand. As a result, we prep ALL the content in your documents, not just bits and pieces or metadata. You can then decide what you need at any moment, for any purpose. We make it simple for you to choose what you want. Click to choose. Drag and Drop to improve how content is labeled and structured, to fit your preferences.

Perhaps you are looking for contract obligations, renewal dates, payments, cost schedules, liability caps, divergent clauses, missing clauses, language to be changed, specific risk elements for your business, metadata to export to a Line-Of-Business system. Most likely you want all of this and more.

Too often, software provides a straitjacket of the information the developer thinks will be important for you, limiting what you can get. Or, software will force you to fill out everything you think you will need during a setup period, so you’ll be able to find it again. Or finally, AI is simply used for searching, which does not give you the context for what you find.

Docugami doesn’t work this way. The information is automatically prepped for you behind the scenes in just two hours or less of processing after you upload documents for analysis. After that, at any time you can check an existing Report for the information you need, or create or modify a new Report, and fifteen minutes later, you have the content that you chose, for ALL the documents of that type. Document engineering powered by AI does the menial part behind the scenes. You decide what’s important. Customers often call this 'magic', or ‘witchcraft’.


How Accurate Is Document Engineering? Fine-Tune Your Unique Models.

You of course are the expert for your business agreements. So it is likely that Docugami did not read your mind and get everything set according to your preferences. In this case, Docugami also enables you to be the ‘Expert In The Loop’, to fine-tune the results to your liking and to your company’s unique requirements. To do this, Docugami essentially builds custom models for you, from the ground up, with the documents you uploaded and the feedback you provide. We call it starting with your Small Data’; YOUR data. And we make it easy for you to provide feedback,  to optimize the results. With your fine-tuning it is more accurate to your taste than any Big Data model can ever provide.

The additional benefit is that NO information from your documents, and NO learning from your models goes to any other place. Your information remains yours, secure, confidential, and your models are proprietary to your organization, based on your input. Gartner’s Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends, 2021 report agrees when the report states, “…AI technology must be able to operate with less data via “small data” techniques and adaptive machine learning.”

Digital Transformation Is Launched, Automatically, From The Source.

Once your content is freed from your pdf files, scanned images, or docx files - your documents -  and structured for computers to use, this information can flow where you need it to go. It can be stored, moved, analyzed, and integrated by line of business systems, without manual intervention. 

Your business can apply your normal tools, or the wave of low-code, no-code, or RPA tools, to use the information from your documents. You may want to automatically apply rules to notify others via Slack or email of specific info. Or you may want metadata to feed your CRM, CLM or LOB system. Or you may want ALL the information, in XML, to build your single-source-of-truth data lake for the organization. Now your Business/IT/Data/Developer teams are set free to do their magic. Docugami simply hands over the files that they need. 

Digital transformation flows directly to your business systems from the source: your business agreements.

We will show you what Docugami can do for YOUR business.

Remember, you can get started TODAY.

Yes, with a FREE TRIAL.





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