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AI For Documents

Think AI Software Can’t Help Your Business? Try Docugami FREE for 14 Days!

There’s a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence these days -- self-driving cars, facial recognition, hyper-targeted advertising…

And every time you hear about AI, two things seem to be the same – it’s not quite ready yet, and it’s going to benefit big companies that have the time and money to invest in massive AI systems and complex machine learning training.

Docugami is different. Our AI-powered Document Engineering approach is designed for companies of any size, to deliver value to frontline workers and managers on Day One without a big investment in IT development, staff training, machine learning, or armies of consultants.

And it’s available today.

To prove the benefits you can get from Document Engineering, we’re offering a FREE  14-day trial. See how easy and powerful it is to unlock the essential data and insights trapped in your documents. It's quick and simple to start -- just upload 20, 10, even 5 documents, and put Docugami to work!


Studies consistently show that most of a company’s information is trapped as unstructured data in documents, inaccessible without huge effort, time, and money. For decades, people have dreamed of unlocking vital information in documents, but every effort has fallen short.

Today, thanks to our unique advances in AI, declarative markup, and the cloud, we’ve created an entirely new approach. It’s called Document Engineering, and you can test it out now, absolutely free.

What does Docugami do?

Using Docugami’s Software as a Service (SaaS) product, you can automatically break down your unique business documents into chunks of information – every date, every price, every contract deadline, every product specification, every provision, every legal requirement, and more.

Docugami automatically creates a hierarchical representation of every document in its entirety – not just a few extracted bits of data – making it easy and efficient for you to generate insights and reports, assemble new documents, and use document data to power your existing business systems.

Best of all, Docugami works seamlessly with your existing tools and systems, it’s designed to understand your unique documents and data, and it doesn’t require any significant training or IT investment.

To see how Document Engineering can help your business by unlocking the vital data and insights trapped in your documents, start your free trial today. There is no obligation to continue beyond your free trial, but we are offering a 'Founder's Discount' on pricing if you choose to do so. 


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