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Guide to the Docugami Free Trial Experience

Curious about how Generative AI for Business Documents could help your business? Want to track important information across all your agreements? Find specific issues in your contracts? Generate new documents by re-using your best practices from previous agreements? A free trial can show you what’s possible.  

This short introduction will help you get started. You can also find useful ‘How-To’ videos on our YouTube channel.  

How do I log in? 

We ask for a business email address when you click on the Get Started button from the Free Trial page. This helps to limit internet bots and spam traffic. After submitting your name and business email, you can create an account and log in to Docugami with any email address and password, or with your Google or Microsoft credentials. Then there is a brief wait while Docugami sets up your workspace. 

Why does it take time to log me in? How long? 

Docugami first sets up your own individual trial workspace. This is a private, secure workspace, so that any documents – and any work you do, any training of the system – is confidential and private to you. This usually requires about 15-30 minutes. You will be notified via email when your workspace is created.  

What is required of me? What kind of setup is involved? 

It’s simple. Once your private workspace is created, just upload a group of your documents, like your supplier contracts, partner agreements, employment agreements, NDAs, or MSAs. Then take a brief break. For our trial users, it may take 30-60 minutes for Docugami to automatically process all the information in the documents. We classify the documents you have uploaded into documents of the same type. We call these document ‘sets,’ and identify all of the chunks of information within each document for your future analysis and use.  

If you don’t want to upload your own documents, you can use our ‘Sample Docs’ to see what Docugami can do. You’ll find the ‘Sample Docs’ in the My Content area in the left sidebar.  

I have uploaded documents. They have processed. What now? 

 Now the magic happens. Click on the ‘Generate Tabular Report’ or ‘Extract Data To Excel’ tiles and start extracting / generating the data that you would like to see, by selecting information from one or two documents, that you want to see across all your documents.  

  • Choose a Name for your project. 
  • Select the Doc Set you want to use for the project (either documents you uploaded, or Sample Docs provided by Docugami) 
  • Click on ‘Generate’ to see what Docugami selects for you, or 
  • Click on ‘Refine First’ and choose the information you want in your report. It’s simple -- select the information you want from one or two documents, click ‘ADD TO REPORT’ in the right-hand panel, and Docugami will find all of that information across all of your documents, and generate a report. 

There are coach marks and Help within the product, to help guide you and answer any questions.  

Generating data is just the start. There are many other aspects to the product, including generating new documents via a connection to Microsoft Word, and generating data connections with other systems via our API, low code tools, or robotic process automation integrations.  

Remember, you will find very useful ‘How-To’ videos and other demo material for Help on our YouTube channel.  

Why document “Sets” / Doc Sets? 

Docugami compares documents to others that are for the same purpose, to understand the patterns of the information. The documents don’t need to be from the same template at all. They can look quite different and have many variations, as with third-party paper vs. first-party paper. – but it would not make much sense to compare, for example, an external MSA with an internal Employment agreement. 

My documents are confidential. Will information or learning be shared in any way? 

No. Each user is granted their own private workspace within Docugami’s protected environment in Microsoft Azure. Your documents are uploaded in a secure encrypted manner, and are not exposed to anyone else. The learning or training that you provide to your document information is also kept utterly confidential, private, secure. 

Are there limits to the Document types that Docugami can handle? 

No. Docugami does require file types: pdf files, either scanned or native, or docx files. But it does not specify or limit document ‘types’. It is designed to handle highly variable long-form text documents. The processing looks at the structure, patterns, language, semantics of the documents, to organize them into Document Sets, and applies labels to the document’s information to represent how the information is structured. This creates an XML ‘tree’ with ‘branches’ for each document, forming an organized ‘forest’ of documents’ information behind the scenes.  

Docugami can handle most types of text documents.   

If you have spreadsheets or other types of structured information, Docugami may be able to process them if they are converted to pdf files. 

While Docugami is not designed to specialize in specific Forms per se… invoices or bills of lading for example, it can handle a wide variety of tabular information, and often highly variable form information, such as ACORD forms.  

If there are problems in processing documents, it may be due to  poorly scanned document quality, or surpassing a limit in document length.  

I see there is a time limit of 14 days. Are there other limits? 

Yes. In addition to the 14-day time limit, there is a limit of 500 pages for uploading, and there is a limit on the size of an individual document, at 50 pages. We also prioritize higher-cost processing performance for paid accounts, so the Free Trial workspaces are not optimized for speed, but this is unlikely to be very noticeable. 

Today Docugami does not translate handwriting or label graphics / images, but will process the text surrounding images. Today Docugami is also limited to English language text. 

If you bump into any of these limits, needing more time or pages, please get in touch with us via team@docugami.com, or submit a support ticket and we will review your situation. 

Congratulations! You have started to apply Generative AI to find and re-use your business document information. No creepy hallucinations, no irrelevant internet noise, just automatically finding and applying the information directly from your own business documents.  

Please contact us to fully explore your use cases, and how to do much more with the product. SCHEDULE A DEMO FREE TRIAL

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